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A fingertip-size ARM M4F module with Bluetooth 5.2, Thread, Zigbee and 46 I/O

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Ask Me Anything (AMA) this Wednesday

by Nguyen Hoan H

Hello Everyone,

We are hosting a Discord AMA (Ask Me Anything) Wednesday May 6 at 1 PM Pacific.

If you would like to watch and/or participate in the AMA, simply click this invite link:

We’ll be answering everything you want to know about Blyst840 and addressing any questions. We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions about what to improve and/or add. The first production batch is on its way, and hopefully we will receive it in time to show some pictures of it during the AMA. We hope to see you all there!

Best regards,

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kytcath  ·  hnhoan  ·   Brossard, Canada

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Product Choices



One BLYST840 module (NRF52840 CKAA module)


BLYST840 USB Dongle

One BLYST840 module assembled on a USB Type-A or Type-C breakout board.


BLYST840 Breakout Board

One BLYST840 module assembled on a breadboard-ready DIP48 breakout board with a USB micro port.


BLYST840 Exploration Kit

This kit is perfect for starter to learn about micro-controller with Bluetooth 5 & Bluetooth Mesh development. Two BLYST840 modules, one DIP48 Breakout Board, one BLYST840 USB Type-A Dongle, and an IDAP-Link CMSIS-DAP Debug JTAG.


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Nguyen Hoan Hoang

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