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Sep 27, 2023

Project update 3 of 10

Video Reviews & Pre-Production PCB Pics

by The ZimaBlade Team

While reviews of ZimaBlade have started coming in, we’ve been busy getting ZimaBlade ready for production.

Video Reviews

Here are some of the reviews that have come out in the past several days from people to whom we sent beta units. Overall, they’re just as excited about ZimaBlade as we are!

DB Tech review of ZimaBlade

@RaidOwl compares ZimaBlade to ZimaBoard

NASCompares review of ZimaBlade

Novaspirit Tech review of ZimaBlade

Readying for Production

As we draw nearer to ZimaBlade being ready to production, we now have a version of ZimaBlade with a black PCB and new enclosure, as seen in the pics below.

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