Sleepwalker Vol. 1

The first book in a series of illustrated novels created by author/illustrator Cameron Scott Davis who set out to create, "The kid's book I wanted to read as a kid."

Sep 24, 2014

09.24.2014 Update

Covers approved and being foil stamped! Books are printed and folded and sewn to hardcovers. Books currently being wrapped in canvas covers.

I’ve been told I will have 300 copies of the book by October 10th. At which point I will be able to begin fulfilling orders!!! Thanks to Wilcox Printing in Portland for handling the foil stamping. I’m really impressed with the quality and clean graphic detail.

ADDRESS CHANGES: It has been 10 months since most of you supported this project. I should assume quite a few of you have moved. Please send address changes/updates to:

Sleepwalker vol. 0 coming soon!


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