Sleepwalker Vol. 1

The first book in a series of illustrated novels created by author/illustrator Cameron Scott Davis who set out to create, "The kid's book I wanted to read as a kid."

Sep 15, 2014

Project update 19 of 24

09.15.2014 Update

Getting VERY close! Scheduled to meet with the foil stamping company this Thursday to start the final stage. They will be handling the printing of the cover.

A BIG thanks to Terry and Dennis and company at Your Town Press in Salem, Oregon for putting so much of themselves into this project. We have collaborated to make 1000 pieces of art that all are very proud of. It’s a lot more time and energy involved in making these books "the old fashioned way" with offset printing rather than digital but the colors and craftsmanship are worth every penny extra. Looking forward to getting everyone their copy.


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