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Sleepwalker Vol. 1

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Dec 13, 2013


Christmas has come early for me this year. With YOUR support we were able to reach the goal necessary to go to print on the first book in the Sleepwalker series!!!!! I have a meeting next week to tour a printing facility in Salem, OR to get this thing rolling ASAP!

By far the best part of this whole process for me has been seeing just how many friends and family believe in my project as much as I do and have gone to bat on my behalf. I’ve made so many amazing and talented friends over the years and it’s times like this when I have a chance to reflect on how lucky I am. Thank you for being part of my life.

I also want to thank Eric and Josh at Crowd Supply who put the campaign page together. It definitely would have been a mess without their help and expertise (in other words, if I’d gone through Kickstarter). Crowd Supply allowed me to stay focused creatively.

Also my business partner and childhood buddy Nick Rehse who also has been highly instrumental in the success of the campaign.

I have a long road ahead before I can get this book in your hands but a major hurdle has been overcome! Funding for support of the printing ends at MIDNIGHT tonight but pre-orders of the book will be available on the Crowd Supply website for a while longer. Updates will be coming your way periodically keeping you up to speed on the printing. Feel free to unsubscribe to the updates if they get annoying!

Thank you and God bless

$18,796 raised

of $12,000 goal

No Longer Available

Dec 13 2013

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