Sleepwalker Vol. 1

The first book in a series of illustrated novels created by author/illustrator Cameron Scott Davis who set out to create, "The kid's book I wanted to read as a kid."

Jan 16, 2014

Project update 6 of 24

2014 Greetings & Updates

Hello wonderful supporters of Sleepwalker!

I must first begin by apologizing for the lack of updates. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date more often as the project progresses. Every couple weeks I will be raffling off an original painting! All names on the Backers list are automatically entered into the raffle. The first painting “Thank you!” goes to Victoria M. of Redwood City CA. Congrats! (image below.)

Good things: The book is coming along very nicely. I cannot WAIT to get this thing in everyone’s hands! I took a tour of the printing facility a few weeks back (learning a lot) and have received interest from TWO major (worldwide) publishers who have agreed to distribute once the book is done!

Uh oh: I have decided to bite the bullet and hand-letter the entire book. I am not a graphic designer by training and I realize many people I respect dedicate their entire careers to typography design. That being said, I’m becoming a student and working hard. The book is feeling more cohesive with the hand-lettered text and borders and I feel good about that decision.

Prints: I have dropped the ball a bit on this one and must apologize. They should be in the mail within 10 days. (I’m waiting on the shipment of ink and fine art paper only available online).

Sketchbooks are being dropped off for shipping tomorrow morning.

I have attached an example of one of the “character designs based on you!”. Diego from South America grabbed one of these paying tribute to his beautiful wife and daughter-on-the-way. They are avid scuba divers and I chose to keep it aquatic with a sleepy seahorse who gives rides across the cloud lochs of Pillowtown… They will get the original concept art, original painting, 13x19 print, and of course a copy of the book when it’s done.

Thank you once again for your patience as I hack through a thick jungle of learning on this first book.

Happy 2014!

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