Sleepwalker Vol. 1

The first book in a series of illustrated novels created by author/illustrator Cameron Scott Davis who set out to create, "The kid's book I wanted to read as a kid."

Feb 11, 2014

Project update 7 of 24

Update #2

To the wonderfully patient backers of Sleepwalker whose money I currently hold hostage: The book is looking great! It’s moving right along and I’m starting to feel pretty proud of it as a whole.

Printing: I have a meeting with a new printer and a bindery representative next Monday, weather permitting. Trying to get a competitive price on the printing as well as explore alternate technology for the printing. Once the sheets are printed they are sent off to a bindery company in New Mexico to get stitched into actual books.

Rewards: Had a few problems with the shipping of the print materials and lost about 2 weeks in the process. I got a refund but they couldn’t recoup the loss of time.(Never order from

Sketchbooks and DVDs are waiting to be sent out with the prints to avoid confusion for the distribution company. So sorry to everyone for those delays but they will be going out this week if all goes according to plan.

Thanks again


Also I regularly post behind the scenes sketches or paintings related to the book on my facebook art page if anyone is interested in following at

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