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OBUNO IoT Engine

A single, maker-friendly, platform designed for IoT application and development.

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The OBUNO IoT Engine is a development board designed to drive the expansion and application of IoT. It is an Arduino compatible microcontroller board based on the ATmega328p.

Specifications and Features:

In the Press

The Guardian

"[OBUNO IoT Engine] adopts a modular and scalable architecture that addresses challenges facing the IoT adoption, adaptation and deployment in Africa"


"an end-to-end platform helps IoT developers avoid tunnel vision and its consequences by providing a comprehensive set of hardware and software components that easily combine into complete IoT applications"

About the Team


Abuja, Nigeria  ·   td4pai.org.ng

Innovation Habitat for Indigenous Technology. iHabitat is an Innovation Charity – A Technology Incubator, Accelerator, Training and R&D Hub that fosters innovative ideas through start-ups creation and by making technological education accessible & developing life skills through innovation, incubation of start-ups & sustained programmes such as ICT, creative arts, sports, mentoring.

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