OBUNO IoT Engine

A single, maker-friendly, platform designed for IoT application and development.

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The OBUNO IoT Engine is a development board designed to drive the expansion and application of IoT. It is an Arduino compatible microcontroller board based on the ATmega328p.

Specifications and Features:

  • Microcontroller: ATmega 328p@16MHz
    • Flash Memory 32 KB
    • SRAM 2 KB
    • EEPROM 1 KB
  • Storage: I2C UID EEPROM
  • On-board Modules:
    • Real Time Clock & Calendar (RTCC) with battery backup
    • 9-Degree of Freedom Inertia Measurement Unit (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Magnetometer)
    • Bi-directional 3V3 to 5V Level Converter
    • Arduino Compatible pins (R3 Shield Compatible)
  • Communication Interface:
    • USB
    • GSM/GPRS Module
    • WiFi (ESP8266)
    • Bluetooth
    • I2C Bus
    • SPI
    • UART
  • Energy Harvester:
    • 6V Solar Panel Input
    • 3.7V Li-Poly Battery Charger
    • Boost Converter
  • Audio-Visual:
    • Programmable Piezo Buzzer
    • Programmable RGB LED
    • Programmable 8x LEDs (from D0 to D7)
    • Pins for I2C LCD Display
    • Programmable 2-Digit 7-Segment Display
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • 2 Programmable Push Buttons (Active Low)
  • Input Voltage:
    • 5V (via USB)
    • 6V (via Solar Panel)
    • 7-12V DC (via AC adapter)
    • 110-400V AC (for Loads)
  • Output Voltages:
    • 3V3
    • 5V
    • 4.2V
    • 110-400V AC
  • Commutation/Load Switching:
    • 4KW@380VAC-Solid State Relay with Opto-coupler & Snubber
    • On-board 7KW@380VAC Soft Relay
    • 4-Channel Relay and Motor (Sink) Driver, etc.
    • DIP Switches for activating/de-activating on-board peripherals.

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