Inkwell Helmets

Inkwell Helmets are designed for cyclists who want to ride safely without compromising their sense of style.

Sep 25, 2013

Project update 3 of 3

Thanks Backers!

We’re fully funded! Inkwell Helmets is beginning the new series TODAY because of your support. I sincerely thank you for believing in my work to help turn this re-imagination of our bicycle helmets - in its affordability and nice design - into a thing I can actually make.

How is it going to happen?

All of the helmets will be prepped outside then painted in my studio in an array of colors.

Each helmet will then get vinylized! Using the new vinyl plotter, my artwork-turned-vector prints, and UV-protected mediums, I’ll compose each helmet by fixing the vinyl to its painted surface, then hand-draw or paint more details (depending on the design). Naturally, as I’m still adding the vinyl and painting to the helmet by hand, slight variations will occur helmet-to-helmet color wise and layout wise.

When the design is in place and the paint is dry, I’ll coat the helmets with a layer of varnish before transporting them to a storage and shipping space, where I’ll then treat them with a more permanent sealant in different finishes (glossy, satin, and matte) that protects the design. After curing overnight, they will be packaged and shipped. And each helmet will be sent with additional foam padding so you can adjust it to a custom fit.

My delivery schedule is as follows:

Earlybird backers: The first 10 people to back our new series will receive the helmets next week.

Other backers of our new series: I’m working on them as soon as I get the next bulk shipment of helmets / more materials in, and will create and send them out to you within 30 days.

Custom and hand-painted requesters : I’ll email all of you individually discuss which design you’d like.

Backers receiving our LED-valve caps and illustrated postcards: You’ll receive these next week as well.

This is a big step for Inkwell Helmets’ future and I’m thankful you’re a part of it.


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