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Apr 15, 2021

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Crowdfunding Begins!

by Jason V

The moment is here and we’re so excited to announce that the DFC campaign is officially live! Head over to our campaign page and take the first step toward freeing your fitness data.

Introducing the Data Fitness Connector

The DFC Data Broadcaster is a wireless device that allows Peloton bikes to connect to fitness watches, head units, and apps — a feature that’s not available on stock Peloton bikes. It reads power and cadence data in realtime, through a cable connected to your bike, and broadcasts them to nearby devices, including those with support for non-Peloton platforms like Zwift and Garmin. This allows you to enjoy the built-in functionality of your bike while simultaneously utilizing features and services that depend on third-party platforms.

DFC is the first commercially available device that wirelessly re-transmits a Peloton bike’s power and cadence data stream. As open hardware, however, it’s much more than just a Bluetooth re-transmitter. It’s a development platform for fitness innovation. As our community grows, we not only expect to be using our DFC for a very long time, we expect to see more and more new features added.

The Campaign

Our campaign will run from today, April 15th, through May 27th. If it is successful, we will start the production process as soon as we hit our goal, so we expect to ship the first units by the end of July. We can’t wait to get DFC into your hands on onto your bike!

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