Data Fitness Connector (DFC)

Wirelessly connect your Peloton bike to third-party apps, fitness watches, and more

Apr 30, 2021

Project update 3 of 12

New Feature!

by Jason V

For this week’s update, we wanted to share a previously unannounced feature that’s built-in to DFC. Those with an eye for details may have noticed a large component on the back of the board. As shown below, that part holds a battery that allows DFC to work with one less cable to manage. Once the battery is fully supported, you’ll have the option to power DFC using either a USB cable or a battery.

It runs great off the battery, but we wanted to ensure that it could hold a charge for several months. We waited until this week to announce it because we finally received a piece of test equipment (one that we ordered last year!) that will allow us to optimize for battery life. As mentioned in the Risks & Challenges section, supply chains are causing trouble all over, so we’re just glad we get to work on this while the campaign is still live!

In addition to battery support, DFC includes another bonus feature that we think some of you will really like. Once again, though, we’re holding off on the details until we’ve had a chance to test it thoroughly. So stay tuned!

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