A line of open-hardware, CM4-pin-compatible FPGA dev boards

May 18, 2023

Project update 1 of 1

Pre-launch Progress

by Goran Mahovlić

Hi to all and thank you for subscribing to the ULX4M project!

ULX4M Versions & Naming

For starters, we’d like to clear up our ULX4M naming conventions. We have two versions, ULX4M-LS and ULX4M-LD:

ULX4M-LS uses Lattice SDRAM and is currently on version v.0.0.3:

ULX4M-LD uses Lattice DDR3 and is currently on version v.0.0.2:

Expansion Boards & Accessories

We have already tested many I/O boards. In addition to the Waveshare board, ULX4M will also work on a Raspberry Pi I/O board:

ULX4M works with the RetroFlag case, as well:

We have also checked Piunora from Diodes Delight, TOFU from Oratek, and few other boards and everything works as expected.

A few ULX4M boards have been sent to community members for evaluation and we plan to send out a few more once we launch the campaign, just to make sure everything works as expected.

Crowdfunding Products

We are planning to offer two products during the campaign:

What is Working Now

What We Are Working On

If you have additional suggestions, please open a GitHub issue or contact us at warp@intergalaktik.eu

Component Sourcing & Manufacturing

In other news, ECP5 parts are slowly coming into stock. Prices are still high, though, so sourcing FPGAs may still be a challenge. We are also buying parts as much as we can and filling stock, especially parts that are also used on ULX3S, like the TI switcher or Murata coils. Production will be done by D&M as they already did great work with the ULX3S. We already have some test boards on panels, and those are looking great:

Recent Updates

From time to time, we post about our progress on our website, so make sure you visit the Intergalaktik news section for the latest info.


We are grateful to NLnet for supporting our work in KiCad and Blender. Thanks to them, all of our work is open source.

Launching the Campaign

We have a bit more paperwork to do and a product video to produce before we can launch our crowdfunding campaign, but we are excited to go live in the next few months! Please share the news about ULX4M with your friends and colleagues as we prepare our campaign for launch.

Wishing you all the best!

The ULX4M team

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