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A line of open-hardware, CM4-pin-compatible FPGA dev boards

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ULX4M is a line of CM4-pin-compatible FPGA development boards—modular versions of the popular open-hardware project ULX3S. It includes two models: ULX4M-LS, with 64 MB of on-board SDRAM, and ULX4M-LD, with 1 GB of DDR3. Both are versatile, programmable, modular, FPGA boards that can be used with a wide range of peripherals. Crucially, the ULX4M line of boards also provides support for the high-speed SerDes interface.

As the FPGA community continues to grow, more and more modules are being created. One of our goals with ULX4M was to make it easy to swap in and test chips from different vendors and to support vendor-neutral code where possible. The simplest solution is to have a modular board that can carry FPGAs from various manufacturers. Less expensive FPGAs have a limited number of SerDes lines and require that you determine in advance which peripheral will use those lines. The SoM approach allow you to design your own carrier board and include the exact set of peripherals you need.

Embedded systems are everywhere, including in high-security environments, but we rarely know what’s going on inside those systems. Thanks to its open-source design, ULX4M provides a level of transparently that not only facilitates trust, it also helps users maintain their independence by allowing them to manufacture their own boards where appropriate.

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Key Components

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Open Source

ULX4M is fully open source. You can find our source files in the ULX4M GitHub repository, which includes:

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"[C]rucially, the ULX4M range of development boards provides support for the high-speed SerDes interface."



"Hobbyists are also getting on the CM4-compatible board train with projects like the ULX4M FPGA boards..."

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Following the successful Crowd Supply campaign, ULX3S, Intergalaktik d.o.o. in collaboration with Radiona takes care of the production and distribution of open source boards. / Zagreb Makerspace works to enhance the visibility of open source culture and sustainable production, as well as to help connect all possible fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM).

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