USB armory

by Inverse Path

An open source USB stick computer for security applications.

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We’re happy to report that all USB Armory orders shipped exactly on schedule! As of March 31, 2015, all campaign and pre-order backers should have either received their orders, or a shipping confirmation e-mail that includes a tracking number. The USB Armory and its accessories are now listed as "in-stock" on our Crowd Supply page, which means any orders placed from now on should ship within a business day of being ordered.

There are a small handful of orders for which there were payment or shipping address problems. Crowd Supply has already contacted all these backers to resolve these problems.

For shipping addresses outside the United States, it’s often the case that the tracking information becomes stale as soon as it leaves the United States. This is a problem with how the United States Postal Service (USPS) integrates with other postal services. The package may appear to be "stuck" at the port, but rest assured that it’s actually on its way to you. The time a package takes to reach its destination depends of course on the destination, but a two-week transit time is not unusual.

The process of designing, testing, manufacturing, and finally shipping the USB Armory, happily all according to schedule, has been a tremendous learning experience. Thanks for all your support - it wouldn’t have happened without you. We can’t wait to see what you all do with your USB Armories!

Andrea Barisani
Inverse Path

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Product Choices


USB Armory with Enclosure

An open-source computer on a stick - designed specifically for high-security application. Comes with a semi-transparent grey plastic enclosure.


USB Host Adapter

Allows the USB Armory to independently use a keyboard, USB display, USB mass storage devices, USB Wi-Fi dongle and more, just like a standard computer, without the need for a separate USB host, such as a laptop or desktop.


32GB microSD Card w/ Debian Image

Debian Stretch pre-loaded onto a PNY Technologies 32GB Elite microSDHC, Class 10, UHS-1 memory card.


Inverse Path

Dedicated to secure software, hardware, and mission-critical IT infrastructures.

Andrea Barisani

Inverse Path

Andrej Rosano

Inverse Path

Daniele Bianco

Inverse Path


Enclosure design partner & manufacturer

Cipierre Elettronica


PCB Assembler



PCB Manufacturer

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