USB armory

An open source USB stick computer for security applications.

Apr 21, 2015

Project update 8 of 9

Enclosure now available for pre-order!

We are happy to announce that the official enclosure for the USB Armory is now available for pre-order. Manufacturing is expected to be completed in late May / early June.

The enclosure has been developed by Inverse Path in cooperation with Teko, an Italian company founded in 1957 and specializing in high-quality enclosure solutions for electronics.

The official enclosure is a custom five-piece design (three body parts + two caps) specifically designed to accommodate and protect the USB Armory.

The enclosure can be easily assembled by snapping together three separate body parts, one of which acts as a sliding cover for the microSD card. Two removable caps protect the USB plug and the 5-pin breakout header, respectively.

Just like the USB Armory, the enclosure is entirely manufactured in Italy using Italian materials.

Preliminary specifications:

Andrea Barisani
Inverse Path

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