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A secure, battery-operated, blockchain-ready, cellular-IoT prototyping platform based on the nRF91

Jan 14, 2022

Project update 13 of 13

First Batch Delivered and Quick Start

by Simone Romano

Hello, Pebble Tracker community! We are beyond excited to announce that hundreds of Pebble Trackers have begun to arrive in the homes of backers around the world.

We would like to thank our global community for their constant support, encouragement, and excitement this past year. 2021 was full of surprises, but we are thrilled to be kicking off 2022 with such exciting milestones.

Join the journey of MachineFi and connect your Pebble today!

Shipment status

The first batch of ~600 Pebble Trackers has shipped and everyone who placed an order during the Crowd Supply campaign until early November 2021 should have received their order now. IoTeX and Crowd Supply work with Mouser, a global electronics distributor, to deliver Pebble Trackers in batches: the second batch of ~1000 Pebble Trackers has been manufactured already and will be shipping at the end of January. The second batch includes any orders placed beginning in November 2021.

Get started with Pebble

If you have already received your Pebble Tracker, the Quick Start Guide contains all of the necessary details you need to begin powering your device:

Buy an IoT SIM card

Pebble Tracker requires an NB-IoT or LTE-M cellular-IoT SIM card to connect to the Internet. To help backers get a SIM card as easily as possible, we have partnered with 1NCE, a global SIM card provider: you can now order a Pebble-ready SIM card by buying one directly on

Please notice that you cannot buy SIM cards directly from 1NCE, unless you are a business.

In case you found a local SIM card that works with Pebble, please join our community forum thread to share your feedback and help others find a SIM card in your country.

The MachineFi Portal

Once you successfully register your Pebble to the portal, you will be able to monitor your data, add other devices to your account, join IoTeX Blockchain Apps, earn tokens, and more. Please remember to deposit some IOTX into your portal account to allow your Pebble to send data to Blockchain Apps!


You are now a member of the MachineFi revolution! We are happy to have you here. Your Pebble is your first gateway to reclaiming ownership of your data, devices, and identity. It opens endless opportunities to earn rewards, interact with IoTeX-powered decentralized apps ("Dapps"), and so much more as the MachineFi movement gains momentum. We can’t wait to see what creative thinkers will build using this blockchain-ready hardware kit.

What’s next (Pebble Apps)

2022 is the year of MachineFi. IoTeX is proud to be leading the movement for this entirely new space that we hope will impact the lives of billions. A whole new ecosystem of blockchain applications based on verifiable IoT data is ready to be born: Register your Pebble on the portal and get it ready for "Lonely Planet", the first Dapp compatible with Pebble Tracker, coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Pebble is only the first example of how devices can connect to blockchain-powered solutions to fuel decentralized Machine Finance and build a better future across every corner of the world.

Thanks for being a part of this mission with us from the very beginning!

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