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A secure, battery-operated, blockchain-ready, cellular-IoT prototyping platform based on the nRF91

Dec 21, 2021

Project update 12 of 13

MachineFi Portal, SIM Cards, and Shipping Update

by Simone Romano

Hello Pebble Tracker backers!

What a journey 2021 has been — the IoTeX team has worked nonstop this year to get Pebble Tracker manufactured and shipped to our backers, and we have also worked diligently on building a suite of software tools/protocols to make Pebble Tracker a complete developer solution. As the first-ever, blockchain-ready hardware dev-kit, Pebble Tracker is introducing a brand new design space for blockchain builders, bringing real-world data to blockchain Dapps for the very first time. We are so excited to see what you will build!

In this update, we have a variety of exciting news to share with you, including a preview of our new MachineFi Portal, a new SIM card partnership with 1NCE, updated developer documentation, instructions to claim your Pebble Pioneer NFTs, and of course an overview of our shipping schedule.

MachineFi Portal

To provide you with the best possible developer experience, we are excited to share a preview of our new MachineFi Portal, which will enable builders to sync their Pebble Tracker and other open hardware devices (e.g., Raspberry Pi, Arduino) to the IoTeX blockchain to participate in the budding MachineFi industry. With the MachineFi Portal, Pebble Tracker users will be able to register their devices, visualize their sensor data, and transmit their data to various Dapps under a single user interface! As you can see in the preview below, the MachineFi Portal enables users to register and manage multiple Pebble Trackers and other dev-boards that can be configured with different settings/firmware to cater to various use cases.

Underneath this beautiful user interface is a full suite of built-in software tools/protocols developed by the IoTeX team for the MachineFi Portal. This includes Trustream (real-world data oracle) and Identity of Things (decentralized identity for devices), which help to capture, process, and transmit data from your Pebble Tracker to the blockchain. This makes building innovative Dapps with real-world IoT data simple and intuitive — take a look at the "My Data" page preview below and stay tuned for the official beta launch of the MachineFi portal in the coming weeks!

Shipping Schedule

Throughout 2021, we have battled unprecedented challenges to get Pebble Tracker manufactured, including chip shortages and supply chain delays that impacted the global hardware industry. But we are finally at the finish line and Pebble Trackers are now shipping to backers around the world! IoTeX and Crowdsupply are working with Mouser, a global electronics distributor, to deliver Pebble Trackers to our backers in batches. The first batch of ~600 Pebble Trackers have been received by Mouser’s warehouse, and are currently shipping to our earliest backers. If you are in this first batch of Pebble Tracker backers, your order should be delivered in the coming weeks — look out for a shipping confirmation email and tracking number from CrowdSupply. The second batch of ~900 Pebble Trackers are currently being manufactured and will be shipped to Mouser in early January, with an expected delivery date to the remaining backers by late January. We appreciate your patience as we get Pebble Trackers shipped to you as soon as possible.

SIM Cards: 1NCE Partnership

As a cellular-based device, Pebble Tracker requires reliable LTE-M & NB-IoT connectivity, and we are proud to announce a new partnership with 1NCE to supply SIM cards for Pebble Tracker users. 1NCE is a global provider of managed connectivity services for IoT applications, partnering with companies to guarantee Tier-1 grade connectivity services. We are currently building a new website where you can order your own 1NCE SIM card with 500MB of data allocation — stay tuned!

Over the past months, we evaluated dozens of cellular-IoT providers and selected 1NCE as our connectivity partner due to their global coverage and reliability. Although 1NCE provides connectivity services for the majority of the globe, there are some regions that are not supported yet. You can check if your country is supported on the 1NCE website. Even if your region is not yet supported, the 1NCE coverage footprint is growing fast and will support 10+ new countries by 2022. If you live in a region not yet supported by 1NCE, we would appreciate your help to research other cellular-IoT connectivity providers for your region — please reach out to us at if you want to help, and discuss via this thread on the IoTeX forum.

Pebble Pioneer NFTs

As we shared in an earlier update, all backers that ordered Pebble Tracker before March 25, 2021, will receive a limited edition Pebble Pioneer NFT! This NFT serves as a permanent record of your early participation in MachineFi, and holders will be eligible for exclusive rewards in the future. To claim your Pebble Tracker NFT, please complete this form by January 7, 2022.

What’s Next?

Can’t wait to start building with Pebble Tracker? Get started with our new developer documentation for Pebble Tracker that details everything from hardware specs, data fields/formats, firmware packages, Dapp examples, and MachineFi Portal integrations. We also have an exciting lineup of dev workshops, hackathons, and other interaction points planned for early 2022 that will bring all Pebble Trackers together to build the future on IoTeX. From the entire IoTeX team, thank you so much for being a part of our mission to make the world a more trusted and transparent place with blockchain & IoT.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with Pebble Tracker!

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