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Nov 13, 2020

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New Firmware & GUI Release

by Jon B

IQ Motion Control is excited to announce the release of new firmware for our speed and position modules (now called Vertiq 2306 2200KV and Vertiq 2306 220KV, respectively). IQ works hard to continuously improve the functionality and usability of its firmware, which is the code that runs on the microcontroller inside our motor modules. IQ currently has three versions of firmware: speed, servo and step/direction. We have released the latest firmwares on our website’s support page, as well as the individual product pages.

IQ Vertiq 2306 2200KV Firmware

IQ Vertiq 2306 220KV Firmware

Basic Descriptions of Firmware

IQ’s servo firmware is intended to be a drop-in replacement for hobby servos. While hobby servos have fixed ranges, IQ modules have ranges that users can set themselves. Similarly, most hobby servos take in 1-2 ms PWM signals. IQ supports this protocol, but we also support OneShot, MultiShot and DShot. IQ’s step/direction firmware is a drop-in replacement for stepper motors, it is the most common signal type for stepper motor drives. It takes in two signals, one that indicates a step and one that indicates a direction. Both the servo and step/direction firmwares are for position control applications that are generally used with robotics, gimbals, hobby/maker/diy projects and more. Lastly, IQ’s speed firmware is for high speed velocity control, most commonly used for driving propellers, drills and wheels. All three firmwares support UART protocol that is easy to use with the Python, C++, Arduino and MatLab libraries on our website.

Major Updates

In order to improve the firmware, IQ added several features. Previously, in order to command a trajectory, users would have to specify a time duration while using the step/direction and servo firmwares. In some cases this can be inefficient, so we created another option that allows users to use average speed to command a trajectory with the MultiTurn Angle Controller. Additionally, in the servo and step/direction firmwares, we added an option to append to trajectory queues or overwrite trajectories. This feature allows users to continuously update trajectories without having to wait for the old trajectories to finish.

The new and improved speed, servo and step/direction firmwares have also removed the soft current limit feature. They now use the model based current limiter because it is faster and smoother, making the soft current limit redundant.

IQ Control Center

In order to improve usability, IQ has also updated our Control Center App. Users are now able to flash the firmwares on the modules from the app. Previously, they would have to use a third party application such as stm32 demonstrator. You can find the link to the latest version of the Control Center on our support page as well.

IQ Control Center

With this new firmware release and user interface update, IQ hopes to enhance the features and functionalities of our motor modules while providing an easier way for users to interact!

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