IQ Motor Module

The first drone motor with position sensing

Feb 21, 2019

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Shipping Has Begun

We’re excited to announce that the IQ Modules have been shipped to Crowd Supply! From there, they will ship to individual backers. So now is the time to check and update your address through your Crowd Supply account.

We’ve spent the past couple weeks assembling and calibrating the modules, as well as making some last minute updates to both the speed and position firmware. Our team did final in-application testing and improved our safety features.

Based on messages from our backers, it looks our modules will be used in all sorts of machines from drones to robotic arms to gimbals. This means they’ll be paired with a variety of flight controllers, Arduinos, etc., and since the setup of our modules will be slightly different than any other motor/controller combination, we strongly encourage all backers to read the documentation thoroughly. In the next week or so, we’ll be finalizing our datasheets and instruction manuals. We’ll send updates with more information on setup and suggested settings soon, so stay tuned!

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