IQ Vertiq 8108

A commercial-grade drone & robotics motor module

Apr 13, 2021

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Beta Testing

by Jon B

IQ Motion Control has redesigned the Vertiq from a 6806 to an 8108 sized motor module. The stator is now 81 mm in diameter (up from 68 mm) and has a stack height of 8 mm (up from 6 mm). Due to iron saturation the Vertiq 6806 was overheating causing thermal issues and an inability to produce high torque. Hence, IQ decided to modify the design to have 36 stator teeth and 21 pole pairs, instead of the initial 7 pole pairs and 12 stator teeth design. By increasing the number of stator teeth, the magnetic field is smaller in each tooth and has a shorter distance to travel, which means the motor is less susceptible to iron saturation.

IQ has received the beta prototypes of the product and is in the process of testing and tuning it in order to make sure that it will be the ideal actuator for high speed and high torque applications. Through the testing process the Vertiq 8108 was able to reach 4500 rpm on the 190 kv motor as well as 3000 rpm with a propeller with no significant thermal issues, showing promising results. So far during testing the engineering team has noticed no significant issues. The biggest challenge has been adjusting the thermal model to estimate coil temperature more accurately.

Below is a video of a recent brake test. We used our Vertiq 8108 beta prototype and a T-motor 30x10.5 CF prop. We ran it from 1700 RPM to 0 with a rise-time of 0.18 seconds, which is a speed rate change of 7472 RPM/s.

Overall, the 8108 is significantly outperforming the 6806 and the T-Motor U8 lite. IQ will continue testing to make sure it is able to reach high torques without overheating or discoloring the coils. IQ is very excited to release the first production versions of the Vertiq 8108 to our backers and hear about their results. We are planning to place the order for these modules in two weeks!

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