uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC)

by ITACA Innovation

Portable, DIY, open hardware retro-gaming console

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Orders Now Shipping

by Antonio Rizzo

All Campaign Orders Shipped

All of the USVC Kit campaign orders have now been shipped, and most of the post-campaign pre-orders are shipping as well. If you have not already, you will receive a tracking number by email when your order is shipped. You can also check your order details within your Crowd Supply account.

We apologize for the delay on the scheduled shipping date, the backlog that was causing slow order processing from Mouser’s warehouse has finally cleared, and we would like to thank you all for your continued patience!

New Inventory Coming Soon

The next batch of USVC kit products is now in transit and will be in stock by the end of April. and The newly added uChip Microcontroller Board is also available to pre-order.

If you have more questions about shipping, please take a look at the Crowd Supply Guide.

Support & Documentation for Getting Started

We’re excited to see what you do with your USVC Kits! You can download the uSVC Manual and Quickstart guide from our Downloads page. You can also reach out to us for assistance using the Ask a Technical question form.

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Product Choices


uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC) Kit

One DIY uSVC kit containing all of the components you will need to build your uSVC. The uChip is pre-programmed and MicroSD card slot is pre-soldered. All other parts are easy-to-solder, through-hole components.


3D-Printed Enclosure for uSVC

A stylish, 3D-printed case, designed and printed by Stefano Rubini to the precise specifications of uSVC.


Power & Data Cables

A (male) USB Type-B to (male) USB Type-A power cable and a (female) USB Type-A to (male) Micro-USB OTG cable


uChip Microcontroller Board

Arduino-Zero-compatible microcontroller board in a narrow, DIP-16 package. Includes solder-yourself pin headers.


ITACA Innovation

ITACA INNOVATION is a project started by four young researchers from Padova with the aim of applying academic knowledge of electronics to practical applications. ITACA supports your ideas by providing all of the technical and engineering knowledge you will need to implement them.


Antonio Rizzo



Prototype PCB Manufacturer

LCSC Electronics


Components & Hardware Sourcing



PCB Assembly



Packaging solutions

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