uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC)

Portable, DIY, open hardware retro-gaming console

Jan 06, 2021

Project update 13 of 22

Progress and cables!

by Antonio Rizzo

Hi everyone,

Over these few days of vacation, we hope you all enjoyed some relaxation and rest, despite the troublesome events of 2020. On our side, we are keeping up the pace so we can deliver uSVC to your home as fast as possible! Today we want to show you the actual cable set that will be included with uSVC (if ordered).

We acquired all the sets necessary to fullfill the campaign requests and a few more. Therefore, if you are missing the cables necessary to play with uSVC at home, you can still get them by changing your order at CS, and filling out this form. We will happily send them to you with your uSVC.

We wish you all a happy new year! We’ll be back soon with further production updates.


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