uChip Simple VGA Console (uSVC)

Portable, DIY, open hardware retro-gaming console

Jan 14, 2021

Project update 14 of 22

Tutorials and 3D-Printed Enclosures

by Antonio Rizzo

Hi there,

Today we are delighted to give you two exciting pieces of news!

First, the 3D cases are ready. See the picture below to get an idea of the huge effort Stefano put in to get them all printed. That means only the PCBs are the last thing needed to complete the uSVC kits.

Second, there is a new tutorial detailing lots of tricks you can use to play sounds on uSVC. This tutorial is the first part of a larger series. It starts (as we always do) with the basics of audio generation.

Since you’ll soon have the hardware in hand, why not spend some time getting better acquainted with the firmware while you wait?

Here is the latest list of guides available for uSVC:


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