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Jun 23, 2021

Project update 2 of 2

IZIRUN Quick Start Instructions

by Mihail C

This update gives you a quick start to using the IZIRUN boards. From experience, I know when I buy a development board, I expect to start developing code as quickly as possible so I can bring my ideas to life.

But the setup process to prepare your environment for work can be more complex than you think and provides lots of opportunity for errors. We will try to keep the IZIRUN setup process as simple as possible by showing you the steps to quickly start coding on IZIRUN boards running Little Kernel (LK) as RTOS.

The setup environment should be made on a Linux host machine running Ubuntu 18.04.

Set Up Linux Environment

Install Cross-compiler

Install Flash Tools

The LK project is split into three packages: lk, devices_lk, and izirunfx_lk. Thanks to a mechanism that allows you to build outside of the LK tree, your work directory can be keep out of the lk kernel project. By overwriting layers like targets, apps, or libs, you can keep user code separate, which makes it easier to build and maintain projects off the main LK tree.

lk = little kernel RTOS

devices_lk = driver for external device (memories, sensors, transceivers, etc. )

izirunfx_lk = is the bsp for IZIRUN boards (izirunf0_lk, izirunf4_lk, izirunf7_lk)

Download Lk and Devices_lk

The lk and devices_lk packages are a common part for all the IZIRUN boards.

Run Little Kernel on IZIRUNF0

Compile the project

Flash the code to izirunf0

Run Little Kernel on IZIRUNF4

Compile the Project

Note: the izirunf0_lk directory is present because ran clone previously, but there is no dependency with izirunf4_lk

Flash the Code to izirunf4

Run Little Kernel on IZIRUNF7

Compile the project

Note: the izirunf0_lk and izirunf4_lk directory are present because we cloned previously, but there is no dependency with izirunf7_lk

Flash the code to izirunf7

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