Compact, modular, open-hardware STM32 dev boards with M.2 connectors

Jun 08, 2021

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Our Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live!

by Mihail C

This is it! After months of hard work, we are finally able to share IZIRUN with you all!

Throughout my career as an embedded systems engineer, I have been responsible for the development of many different kinds of applications and products. Most of the time, the initial requirements for a product or application evolve as the project progresses, and the real requirements are clarified over time. When this evolution impacts the hardware architecture, it can lead to increased costs and extended time lines…neither of which are popular with clients and customers. (Or with developers, for that matter.) The idea behind this project is to create a family of hardware products that make it easy to modify their architecture on the fly, as requirements become more clear.

Designed for electronic prototyping, IZIRUN modules are compact, open hardware STM32 boards with lots of built-in peripherals and 67-pin M.2 connectors for external communication via I²C, SPI, CAN, and UART. We are offering three different ARM Cortex MCU boards—an M0 model, an M4 model, and an M7 model—which makes IZIRUN suitable for a large range of applications, including IoT and multimedia projects. And if those applications evolve on the road, the M.2 connectors present on all three variants makes it easy to adjust your design on the fly. You can host IZIRUN MCU modules on your own carrier board or slot them into IZIGOBOARD for convenient access to peripherals like Ethernet, GPIO, and USB communication. And thanks to the M.2 connector and its standard 35 x 35 mm footprint, you can can easily dial in your design by swapping out one MCU board for another as your requirements evolve.

IZIRUN modules can run as bare metal or with any operating system suited for small embedded devices. We maintain a LittleKernel (LK) image for our demos, sample code, and test drivers. LK is a mature, lightweight, real-time operating system (RTOS) with a small memory footprint that supports primitives like mutexes, threads, and timers.

We are very excited about the IZIRUN board concept and we hope that you will enjoy working with it as much as we do!

During and after our campaign, we will provide updates that contain interesting demos, use cases, etc. So please have a look at our campaign page, and stay in touch.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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