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Apr 06, 2018

Project update 14 of 16

Connecting a MIPI camera to RGGBer

A MIPI-to-DVP adaptor board

Several people have asked how they can connect a MIPI camera to RGGBer. In this update, we demonstrate one way to accomplish this with a simple add-on converter board.

A MIPI-to-DVP bridge chip, the TC358746, is used for protocol conversion. The iXCtrl interface is used to configure the camera and the TC358746 over I2C, as well as for power-on sequence control for the add-on board. The DVP timing video stream goes to the FPGA through the iXCIS interface.

We’ve successfully tested this solution with the OV2740 camera chip at 1080p 30fps. It works very well!

This is just one possible MIPI to DVP bridge solutions. Users may find other bridge chips can accomplish this task as well. Let us know if you find something.

Otherwise, we are continuing to deal with some manufacturing and component availability issues, but we hope post an update on manufacturing dates soon.

Jie Zou
RGGBer team

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