RGGBer Embedded Vision Development Kit

An open source, modular, FPGA-based development kit that makes embedded vision design easy and affordable.

Feb 01, 2018

Project update 12 of 16

HDMI connector board revision

As shown above, there are two mini-HDMI connectors on the current design of the video mainboard. They are SMT components, but you may be able to see that their fixed width pins have just 1.0 mm of insert in a 1.6 mm thickness PCB. We have found that this may cause issues over time as users plug and unplug cables.

As a result, we’ve decided to change them to connectors with surface-mounted fixed pins, as shown below. This should increase soldering quality and strength, improving reliability for end users.

This change will be incorporated into Rev. 4 of the hardware.

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