RGGBer Embedded Vision Development Kit

An open source, modular, FPGA-based development kit that makes embedded vision design easy and affordable.

Jul 19, 2017

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RGGBer is relaunching as RGGBer Dev Kit

Good news for fans and backers of RGGBer, the Swiss Army Knife of embedded vision development! We’re going to be relaunching the project on Crowd Supply soon. We’ve made some exciting changes to the project, the greatest of which is a new modular approach featuring a suite of daughter-boards and peripherals that you can add and combine to build your own custom imaging development solution. That’s why we’ve renamed the project the RGGBer Dev Kit. We hope it will make embedded vision development more productive and easier for everyone, from company engineering teams to students.

In the upcoming campaign, we’ll share various demo projects and reference designs covering areas such as machine vision, medical imaging, ADAS, and high-performance video processing.

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RGGBer Dev Kit

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