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May 26, 2020

Project update 10 of 11

Boards Built

by Keith P

I’ve finished flashing, testing, and stuffing 150 Snekboards. There were the usual minor issues requiring a bit of re-work, but all 150 are now happily sneking along.

LEGO Enclosures Are Here!

I spent an evening a couple of weeks ago trolling through Brick Link picking out bricks for those of you who ordered enclosures. That was a lot of fun. I decided that the purple and green ones should be two-toned, dark plates and light bricks.

Here’s one of them in the purple enclosure. I mis-ordered a couple of the LEGO bricks, getting ‘lavender’ instead of ‘medium lavender’; I’m re-ordering the right color so that the boxes will be a mixture of medium lavender and dark purple. I think they’re pretty snazzy.

Sensors Are Here!

Boxes from Mouser and Pololu arrived containing parts for the sensors kits. That includes reflectance sensors, distance sensors, cables, and connector housings. I’m getting the reflectance sensors soldered onto the cables so they’ll arrive ready for use. Here’s a couple of each.

Batteries Are Coming!

The last pieces I need to finish this project are batteries. I ordered enough that they have to be shipped by ground with special labeling. Unfortunately, they’ve been delayed by COVID-19 related issues, but I’m hoping they’ll arrive by next Friday.

Once the batteries arrive, I’ll be able to deliver everything to Crowd Supply for shipment to all of you all. Fortunately, Crowd Supply is just across the river from me, so I’m planning on taking it over myself.

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