A Python Microcontroller for Lego

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Great for Learning, Teaching, and Playing with Robots

Snekboard is an open hardware development board that's designed to hook up to Lego Power Functions motors and switches, allowing you to build robots out of Lego and control them with CircuitPython or the simpler Snek programming language.

Snekboard is 48 mm × 48 mm – the same size as 6 x 6 Lego studs – so you can easily build a Lego enclosure for the board and attach it to your creation. It is powered by a single-cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery that fits under the board and charges over USB while Snekboard is being programmed from the host.

Features & Specifications

  • Processor (SAMD21G18A): ARM Cortex M0 with 256 kB of flash and 32 kB of RAM. The same chip found in many Arduino boards, including some from Adafruit.
  • Power: LiPo battery and support for USB charging, protected by an automatic power selector with a current limit. Lego motors for the last many years have run on 9 V. So as not to require 9 V worth of batteries, Snekboard makes use of a boost regulator to run off of a single-cell LiPo battery, which has the same connector found on those sold by SparkFun and Adafruit.
  • Motor Controllers (TI DRV8800): Four controllers provide up to 2.8 A for Lego motors and servos.
  • IO: Eight GPIOs with 3.3V and GND available to each.
  • LEDs: Two NeoPixels RGB LEDs and one blue LED.

Prototype in Action

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