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Circuit Boards Ordered

by Keith P

We have ordered the Snekboard circuit boards and expect to receive them in about seven weeks. That’s a little later than we’d hoped, but schedules have gotten longer over the past month. We’ve pushed back our estimated ship dates until the end of May.

We’ll be ordering the remaining parts and preparing for assembly here in our lab once the boards have arrived. As soon as we have a firm date for those, we’ll let everyone know when to expect things to start shipping out!

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One Snekboard and one 3.7 V, 900 mAh LiPo battery.


Snekboard Cable Set

Four motor cables and four GPIO cables (pins to bare wires).


Snekboard Sensor Kit

Two QTR-MD-01A reflectance sensors and two GP2Y0A41SK0F distance sensors. All four sensors are Snekboard-ready with cables pre-soldered. Provides everything you need to follow along with existing Snekboard tutorials.


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