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AgileWhisker Keyboard

A fully programmable, expandable, open-source keyboard designed for creativity

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KittenBot’s AgileWhisker Keyboard is a customizable mechanical keyboard that empowers you to unlock new possibilities for PC interactions using DeviceScript. It can be connected to various Jacdac electronic modules, enabling you to build your own unique application modes based on your creativity.

The Software-Defined Keyboard

We believe the best application of DeviceScript is for PC peripherals. Have you ever imagined being able to control everything around you with the keyboard in front of your computer?

With AgileWhisker, the keyboard and its connected Jacdac functional modules will be further empowered by the Agent desktop software, transforming into dynamic tools that adapt to each user’s unique needs and preferences.

We aim to allow software engineers unfamiliar with hardware development to quickly master the skills of writing interactive effects to meet their personal needs and interests.

Customize with Jacdac Modules

AgileWhisker employs the Jacdac protocol, supporting over ten existing modules. We’ve prepared some commonly used scenarios for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign to help developers integrate AgileWhisker with their applications.

Connecting various Jacdac functional modules enhances your desktop interaction experience and fosters creativity. For example, you can customize various keyboard functions, like creating a motion-controlled gaming device with a gyro sensor, setting up a motorized mailbox that automatically alerts you when e-mail arrives, or integrating your keyboard and connected external modules with the MQTT Internet of Things protocol.

Features & Specifications

Common AgileWhisker Platform

Elite60 Keyboard

Numeric Keypad

Open Source

AgileWhisker aims to be a new type of PC peripheral that is software-defined, exploring the future of interaction together with everyone. This project will open-source all parts (except for the firmware), including hardware schematics and a desktop Agent app. For more resources, check out our website, and for project demos, go to our GitHub page.

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About the Team


Hong Kong  ·  ·   kittenbot  ·   KittenBot1  ·   KittenBot  ·   kittenbot

We focus on designing creative, open-source hardware using the BBC micro:bit, ESP32, and Arduino.

Christina Zhang

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