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Wireless, fully programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad featuring 16 RGB, mechanical, hot-swappable keys and two RGB rotary encoders

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DeepDeck is a fully programmable, wireless, open source macropad with 16 RGB, mechanical keys and two rotary encoders with push buttons. It uses the powerful and versatile ESP32 module to connect to your device via Bluetooth, whether that device runs Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, or something else. You can customize DeepDeck to improve your productivity by programming keys, macros, and shortcuts. And DeepDeck configuration is easy! You don’t need to install any software. Just activate Configuration Mode, connect DeepDeck to a Wi-Fi access point, and direct your browser to the built-in webserver (much like you would when configuring a home router). And you can do all of that with a smartphone, so you don’t even need a computer!

The Power of a Fully Programmable Macropad

Write code? Easily map DeepDeck’s keys and knobs to frequently used shortcuts in your favorite IDE, be it VS Code, Arduino IDE, Eclipse, or something else. You can use DeepDeck to write code, switch tabs, map bookmarks, move back and forth, etc. Dabble in design? Map different views, layers, and shortcuts in KiCad, Illustrator, Solid Works, and other such platforms. The knobs allow you to configure many of the built-in tools faster and more intuitive than using your mouse or a standard keyboard. Edit audio or video? Improve your workflow by mapping DeepDeck’s knobs to various controls for a clean, fluid experience when using Reaper, Adobe Premier, etc.

More Than Just a Macropad

There are plenty of cool macropads out there, and we didn’t set out just to create one more. A few of the key principles that informed our design were:

Make it usable anywhere. There should be no dumb compatibility problems between DeepDeck software and the Windows, Linux, or MacOS operating systems…

Make it easy to configure. Everything should be programmable through DeepDeck’s built-in webserver, which you can access using any device with a browser.

Make it useful on its own. While a macropad is typically something you plug into to something else, we wanted DeepDeck to work by itself as well. With Wi-Fi support and a level of programmability that allows it to interact with any third-party API, DeepDeck can do its job even without being connected to another device. Add a to do item in Notion or Jira, for example, then review your tasks and mark them complete where appropriate. Or connect via IFTTT and use DeepDeck as a home-automation control panel!

Available Pre-Assembled or as One of Four Different Kits


A fully assembled version of the Deluxe Kit, ready to roll.

The Deluxe Kit

Comes with everything you nefed to assemble your Deep Deck quickly and easily. Includes an OLED screen, transparent keycaps, white Gateron switches, and a gesture sensor.

Features & Specifications


DeepDeckCreator MicroMacroPad RP2040
Manufacturer DeepSea Developments WorkLouder Adafruit
Microcontroller ESP32 Probably atmega328 RaspberryPi RP2040
USB Type-CYes Yes Yes
BluetoothYes No No
Wi-FiYes No No
QMK support?QMK-like Yes Yes
Number of keys16 12 12
OLED screenYes No Yes
Number of knobs2 2 1
Hot-Swappable?Yes No Yes
Individual RGB LightsYes No Yes
Open SourceHW + SW SW only HW + SW
Price$83 $129 $50

Support & Documentation

DeepDeck is fully open source. You can find our source code and design files in the DeepSea Developments GitHub organization, which includes:

We also have a project wiki, more images, and a 3D PCB render for you to check out. And, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out using the Ask a Question form.

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Produced by DeepSea Developments in Palo Alto, California.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.


A fully-assembled DeepDeck Deluxe with all the goodies. Includes the main board, a PCB for switches, a rear PCB, an OLED screen, two knobs, 16 transparent keycaps, 16 Gateron white switches, and an additional gesture sensor for yet another way to control your devices and services.

$83 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

DeepDeck Deluxe Kit

Everything you need for quick, easily assembly. Includes the main board, a PCB for switches, a rear PCB with screws, an OLED screen, two knobs, 16 transparent keycaps, 16 Gateron white switches, and an additional gesture sensor for yet another way to control your devices and services.

$77 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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