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Apr 17, 2017

Project update 39 of 60

More snickerdoodles on the way!


More snickerdoodles are on the way!!!

We have officially received - and are in the middle of testing - just over half of this latest batch of 500 snickerdoodles (the rest are due in by mid-week). It will take us a few more days to get them all through final QC, but we’ll soon have another big pile of boards on the way to Crowd Supply to begin fulfillment. This batch will get us a good step closer to filling orders placed during the crowdfunding campaign, but regardless of when you placed your order, please do check and update your shipping address if necessary by viewing your Crowd Supply account page.

In the queue are 250 more breakyBreakys, which should be ready in a couple weeks or so and will be immediately turned around to Crowd Supply.

In other news, the piSmasher Rev. 4 and giggleBits sIO layouts are complete (pending final approval) which means we’re less than a month from having a fresh round of Alphas! Once these are received, it’ll likely take a week or so for us to fully test all the interfaces, etc. If/when everything checks out, we’ll be off to the races on the final pieces of the puzzle…

That’s it - short and sweet this week. There will be one more important announcement regarding piSmasher before those ship out, so stay tuned for that. We also have some awesome snickerdoodle projects people have been sending in that we’ll be sure to share with everyone (so keep ‘em coming!), some cool events and ‘challenges’ in the works, the new website, and some new product announcements we’re looking forward to sharing over the coming weeks and months.

As always, thanks to all of you for the ongoing patience, support, excitement, and feedback! Be sure to tweet at us at @krtkl_inc or email us at if you have any questions, comments, or anything else you’d like to tell or share with us.

Stay cool,

the krtkl crew

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