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Nov 20, 2015

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Post-Campaign Snickerdoodle Pricing

We’ve received quite few a questions recently regarding whether or not prices will increase after the campaign is officially over. We thought it would be best to clarify before wrapping things up in case you’d like to take advantage of any “campaign-only” pricing. The table below shows how pricing will be affected after the campaign is over:

Perhaps most importantly: snickerdoodle pricing will stay the same! The only changes will be updated shipping charges that more accurately reflect freight, handling, and packaging costs (prices shown reflect US shipping only) and minor increases to the baseboard pricing in order to better capture component and manufacturing costs. Note: after the campaign ends, you will still be able to place pre-orders via the Crowd Supply page for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that helps clarify things… The campaign will wrap up at 11:59PM PST (UTC-8) on Saturday, Nov. 21, so hurry up and grab those snickerdoodles and baseboards before the clock strikes midnight!


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