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Feb 26, 2018

Project update 50 of 60

New Wiki! Also: supply chain challenges, accessories, and timelines

Hello snickerdoodlers,

It’s high time for another snickerdoodle update!

First, we’re pleased to announce the official “launch” of a brand new snickerdoodle/krtkl Wiki! Check it out at:

In an effort to make the snickerdoodle development experience more enjoyable and productive, we’ve translated and consolidated much of the existing documentation from the krtkl GitHub account, website, etc. to the Wiki. This should prove to be an extremely helpful resource going forward and is expected to greatly increase the volume and quality of snickerdoodle reference material available by way of expanding contributions beyond the krtkl walls. We hope you find it useful and greatly appreciate any and all contributions from the snickerdoodle community!

Second, we’ve been dealing with one issue after the next with the supply chain… It turns out a strong “global economy” has it’s downsides, as almost every component has proven to be problematic in terms of availability. As a result, our recent build was pushed back a month (we’re still waiting to hear if we can get it on the line by the end of this week), and it’s likely the next build will be pushed out. It’s incredibly frustrating being ready to hit the GO button on mass production but remaining stuck waiting for our number to be called. As always, we’re doing everything we can to make things “go faster.”

Note: for those with more pressing snickerdoodle needs, Digi-Key and Mouser are currently stocking snickerdoodle Prime LEs and breakyBreakys! The respective links can be found on the campaign page directly under the video in the “As Featured In” section.

Third, now that people are starting to receive and play with their snickerdoodles, more and more orders are coming in for standalone accessories and baseboards. As a result, the shipping and fulfillment fees for these items are getting a bit “complicated”… Since there’s no way for us to separate freight on the Crowd Supply platform, we’ve made some changes to the pricing and ‘packaging’ of certain accessories. Most notably, you’ll now find the baseboard headers come in sets of ten (70 total headers - enough to build 10 baseboards) and the jumpers in sets of three (150 total jumpers). $3 has also been added across the board to offset freight and handling costs.

And fourth, we’re working through the piSmasher design and we still expect this to be in assembly sometime in March! As mentioned in the last update, the current snickerdoodle batch should cover all the ‘regular’ snickerdoodle orders. The black, connectors up boards should be covered by the next build, and we are about 50% of the way through the black, connectors down orders. We expect to be taking another chunk out of that in the next couple months (as soon as the distributors come through with our parts).

Nothing earth shattering here, but that’s where things stand.

If you’re ever wondering about the status of your order, looking to update your address, etc., you can access everything from the Crowd Supply “Accounts” page:

As always, contact us at with any questions/concerns.


the krtkl crew

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