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Apr 10, 2018

Project update 51 of 60

STM32 Firmware Open Sourced! Also: snickerdoodle production and piSmasher progress

Dear snickerdoodlers,

Apologies for the lack of communique the last few weeks! A quick update:

  1. You asked, we delivered: as of last week, snickerdoodle's STM32 Platform Controller codebase is fully open source! All production firmware for the STM32 has been publicly released on GitHub. We also published a snickerdoodle Platform Controller 'GitHub Page’ for those who enjoy more of a GUI experience. We are currently accepting “applications” for repo administrators. If you’re interested in playing a bigger role in the maturation of the snickerdoodle community, please email us at
  2. We have a couple boxes full of snickerdoodles (~150 units) that have been awaiting delivery to Crowd Supply for the last couple weeks. Once we sort out some still-open accounting issues, those will be on their way to Portland (and, subsequently, on their way to your doorstep); assuming our internal numbers our right – and we can reconcile them with Crowd Supply's – this should be the last of the ‘regular’ snickerdoodles and all of the preordered snickerdoodle ones...with enough left over to stock! As a reminder, you will receive a confirmation email (with tracking info) when your order ships. If you need to make any changes to your account info before your order goes out (e.g. updating your mailing address), you can do so at:
  3. The supply chain situation has gotten completely out of control…and not just for us. There is a worldwide squeeze on pretty much every snickerdoodle component, including and especially passives (resistors, capacitors, etc.), many of which have 52+ week lead times and are on heavy allocation. This is all in addition to a lot of critical silicon – for which there are no alternates – experiencing distributor delays and mishaps resulting in the doubling of many manufacturer-quoted lead times. Needless to say, this has resulted in significant production delays and cost increases; it remains to be seen whether or how significantly the pending/proposed trade tariffs will affect our long-term pricing and production schedules, but that will be addressed at a later date. We will be starting the next snickerdoodle black production run later this month, but the exact start date is still in flux. We will provide a more definitive update as soon as we have more information.
  4. As previously reported, the piSmasher is nearing the end of the development cycle and will soon be going to fab. We will ultimately have two versions of the piSmasher for both existing preorders and general purchase. Before we ship, we will send out an announcement containing the details/specs of each piSmasher version, list both on the campaign page, and offer an option to “upgrade” based on your original order.

Should you be in urgent need of a snickerdoodle or if you have any questions about any of the above, please email us at

Truly yours,

the krtkl crew

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