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Feb 27, 2020

Project update 60 of 60

Snickerdoodle Field Report Contest

by Ryan Cousins

The snickerdoodle platform has been out in the world for some time now, and we’ve seen folks doing some really unique and interesting things with it. In the interest of spreading the word, we would love to share some of those projects with a broader audience by publishing some of your Field Reports.

So, did you use snickerdoodle as the brains for a garage-patrolling robot? Did you build a piSmasher-powered, facial-recognition app that works on dogs? Or maybe you deployed your snickerdoodle to pilot an autonomous drone that catches other drones? No matter what you did, we’d like to learn more! Use our submission form to send us a Field Report of 100 words or so, along with any supplemental pictures or other resources. If it’s suitable, we’ll publish it as an update and reward you with a $25 Crowd Supply credit! In addition, all publishable entries received before April 1 will be entered into a random prize drawing for more cool snickerdoodle gear:

Again, you can use this Field Report submission form to send us your report. We can’t wait to see what you’ve built!

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