A reconfigurable Linux computer that connects to the real world: ARM + FPGA + Wi-Fi + 180 I/O

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Feb 05, 2020

Project update 59 of 60

Last Call

The day has come! All orders from the snickerdoodle campaign and post-campaign pre-orders have now been shipped or resolved.

We’d like to thank everyone for their years of patience and support! snickerdoodle items are now fully in stock and available for purchase.

piSmasher Status

Unfortunately, there were a number of piSmashers that could not be fully closed. All piSmashers for affected orders have been returned to the krtkl team.

If you ordered a piSmasher but never received the device or a refund, please contact krtkl support for assistance in resolving your order.

Your order may be included in this group if you:

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