A Software-Definable RF Front End Module for LimeSDR Platforms

Nov 16, 2020

Project update 18 of 24

Manufacturing Has Begun at a New Factory; On Track for January Delivery

by Ebrahim B

Good news and bad news. The bad news is we missed our scheduled October delivery date. The good news is that we now have all parts, production has commenced, and we’re on track to ship in January.

As mentioned in our last update, we missed our August delivery date due to parts shortages. We’ve since completed the redesign necessary to accommodate alternative components, sourced those components, completely relocated our factories, and are starting manufacture.

A word on factory relocations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and generalized global supply chain instability, we were suffering from LimeRFE production being spread among three locations (UK, Eastern Europe, and East Asia), so decided to consolidate to two locations (UK and a different Eastern Europe location). This consolidation is now complete and already yielding results. For example, our new production facility has a reliable source of Rogers dielectric material, which is what is being used for the printed circuit board itself.

In short, we expect LimeRFE production to complete without interruption and for all backordered units to be shipped to backers in January 2021. Thank you for your patience. We will post another update next month with details of manufacturing progress.

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