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A Software-Definable RF Front End Module for LimeSDR Platforms

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A Complete Solution for Custom HAM, Cellular, and Wideband Networks

The Lime RF Front End (LimeRFE) is an open hardware power amplifier (PA) module with appropriate filtering and support circuitry to augment the LimeSDR, LimeSDR Mini, and LimeNET Micro platforms, providing a complete solution that addresses real life applications ranging from HAM radio to standards-compliant cellular network implementations.

LimeRFE will enhance any LimeSDR based wireless project by providing:

Software-Defined Front End

A single LimeRFE covers three very different sets of bands: HAM, cellular, and wideband. The exact band used at any given time is software-selectable. By making the RF front end definable in software, LimeRFE is the next step in the evolution of software-defined radio.

LimeRFE render front (left) and back (right)

Features & Specifications

HAM Bands

No.NameFrequency (MHz)Output P1dB (dBm)*
1**HF**1.6 – 30**33
26 m, 4 m50 – 54, 69.9 – 70.630
32 m144 – 14633
41.25 m220 – 22532
570 cm430 – 44032
633 cm902 – 92827
723 cm1240 – 132527
813 cm2300 – 245031
9-3300 – 350024

* Preliminary estimates of 1-dB compression point

** See note below about HF bands

A Note About HF Bands

Depending upon the application and overall system configuration, additional filtering may be required for use with HF bands. In particular, HF is not one, but ten bands starting at 1.6 - 1.8 MHz and moving upward incrementally to 28.0 - 29.7 MHz. On-board filtering will attenuate signals greater than 30 MHz, but not Tx harmonics, or out-of-band Rx signals below this. You may need additional filtering, depending on the environment (if there are nearby HAMs operating on other HF bands, for example) and on whether or not you are using external power amplifiers with integrated filters, antenna tuning units, etc.

Cellular Bands

No.NameDuplexDownlink Freq. (MHz)Uplink Freq. (MHz)Modulated Output Power (dBm)
1Band 3/DCS-1800FDD1805 – 18801710 – 178524
2Band 2/PCS-1900FDD1930 – 19901850 – 191024
3Band 1FDD2110 – 21701920 – 198024
4Band 7FDD2620 – 26902500 – 257024
5Band 38TDD2570 – 26202570 – 262024

Wideband Channels

No.Frequency (MHz)Output P1dB (dBm)*
11 – 100027.5
21000 – 400025.5

* Preliminary estimates of 1-dB compression point

Additional Features

Block Diagram

* Output 1 dB compression values are preliminary assessments only. Final values may differ. Values are given for the driver outputs - final output values will be lower.

LimeRFE is part of Qorvo RF Accelerator

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Produced by Lime Microsystems in Guildford, England.

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LimeRFE integrated power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA) and filter solution for LimeSDR and LimeNET Micro software-defined radio applications.

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About the Team

Lime Microsystems

Guildford, England  ·  ·   myriadrf  ·   LimeMicro  ·   limemicro

Working toward the democratization of wireless communication through an open source ideology.

Ebrahim Bushehri
Andrew Back
Zydrunas (Zack) Tamosevicius
Karolis Kiela
Andy Chang
Christy Chuang
Milan Savic

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