LimeSDR Mini 2.0

An open, full-duplex, USB stick software defined radio

Jul 21, 2022

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Creating a Private LTE Network With srsRAN

by Andrew Back

Back in 2017 we demonstrated how you could use a LimeSDR Mini v1 with the Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure stack to create a low-cost GSM network. In this latest video we demonstrate a LimeSDR Mini v2 being used with the open source srsRAN software to create a private 4G mobile network complete with network core.

The demo utilizes Ofcom shared-access spectrum — similar to CBRS spectrum in the US — which is available for anyone in the UK to license for a low annual cost. The demo achieved up to 14 Mbit/s download speed and more than 2 Mbit/s upload using mostly default parameters and with no fine tuning. For further details please see the video below.

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