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Sep 29, 2017

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GNU Radio Demo

Quite a few of you have asked whether the LimeSDR Mini supports use with GNU Radio and the answer to which is, absolutely! Support for the incredibly powerful open source SDR toolkit and associated ecosystem was high on our list of priorities when developing software support for the LimeSDR USB — and this was equally the case with its smaller sibling, the LimeSDR Mini.

Thankfully, due to the investment made in a modular SDR driver stack that facilitates reuse and is highly extensible, with minimum effort we were able to extend this to cover the new LimeSDR Mini board. Meaning that it too can be used with a wealth of existing ecosystem apps.

In this first demo video, Karl Woodward, author of the LimeSDR Made Simple series, takes the GNU Radio example he covered in the last installment and uses this to receive and decode signals from a 433 MHz ASK/OOK key fob — albeit this time using a LimeSDR Mini board.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team

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