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Oct 24, 2017

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LMS8001 Companion 5.5 GHz LTE Repeater

In this new video showing just one of the many possible applications for the LMS8001 Companion, two boards are being used as a 5.5 GHz repeater for LTE signals.

A LimeNET Mini is configured as an LTE base station with a downlink frequency of 865 MHz. This is connected to the first LMS8001 Companion, which shifts the signal up to 5.5 GHz before it is sent across the room to a second LMS8001 Companion, which in turn then shifts the downlink into LTE Band 5 at 886.5 MHz. The two boards are also configured to shift LTE uplink from handsets (at fDL - 45 MHz) in the opposite direction and back across the 5.5 GHz link towards the base station.

In this demo, we can see video streaming live between two handsets registered to the LimeNET LTE base station, via the 5.5 GHz repeater link, all without the sort of optimisations that you might have in production use, such as additional filtering, gain control, and power amplification.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team

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