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Oct 20, 2017

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LuaRadio FM Receiver Demo

Lua is designed to be a lightweight embeddable scripting language used in a variety of applications, including many network device web interfaces, VLC and MediaWiki scripting, and the user scripting interface for Adobe Photoshop — to name just a few. Thanks to the efforts of Vanya Sergeev, it can now also be used to create embeddable SDR applications via LuaRadio.

Coming up on a year ago, we shared details of LuaRadio support for LimeSDR and we’re pleased to say it can be used equally well with the LimeSDR Mini. To demonstrate this, Karl, installed LuaRadio on his laptop — which, owing to its minimal dependencies, took no time at all — and then ran up a wideband FM receiver example that displayed two plots and captured audio to a file.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team

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