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Oct 19, 2017

Project update 8 of 53

LMS8001 Companion Extends Coverage to 10 GHz

LMS8001 Companion (Top)

We are thrilled to announce the LMS8001 Companion board has been added to the campaign, with shipping scheduled for January 2018.

The highly integrated, four-channel frequency-shifter can be used with all variants of the LimeSDR — from Mini and USB, to PCIe and QPCIe — to extend their frequency coverage up to 10 GHz. As a low-cost, compact, and highly configurable platform, it also lends itself to use with other configurations, too.

LMS8001 Companion Block Diagram

The board design and firmware sources have been published to GitHub, along with the LMS8 Suite host software, an LMS8001 PLL Simulator, and documentation for the initial versions of the LMS8001 IC, which due to the packaging used are specified for use up to 10 GHz.

For now, the initial run will be for only 150 units.

Andrew and the LimeSDR Mini Team

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