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Nov 12, 2021

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Supply Chain Crunch & New RF Filter Bank Demo

by Ebrahim B

The global supply chain crunch has severely disrupted production of Lime products. We’re still committed to bringing all Lime products back into regular availability. We’re plotting a course of action and we have updated delivery estimates accordingly. In the meantime, we’re excited to share a video demo of a new software-controlled frontend filter bank (a.k.a. preselector).

New Software-Controllable Frontend Filter Bank

The ATEK1001 is a software controlled sub-octave filter bank or "preselector" that covers a frequency range of 485-7700 MHz in seven bands, and has a bypass mode that can be used for full bypass, or alternatively to engage additional external filtering. The video below demonstrates the preselector in action with a LimeNET Micro. See the ATEK1001 project page for more details.

The Path to Resuming Production

Lime, like everyone else in the electronics industry, has been impacted by the global supply chain crunch that started earlier this year. From critical components like FPGAs and PLLs to (formerly) commodity components like passives, we’re struggling to source the parts we need to manufacture the Lime product line, including LimeSDR Mini.

The quoted lead times we’re hearing from our suppliers are so outlandishly long and change so frequently that we can’t put much faith in them. So, while we’ve placed our orders and hope the supply chain settles down soon, we’re not betting on it and are actively pursuing other avenues to resuming production. For example, there is some hope of synthesizing a PLL in an FPGA and sourcing FPGAs with better availability. We’re also seriously considering repurposing perfectly good components on boards that have some other defect and would otherwise be scrapped. Happily, the one part we don’t need to worry about right now is our own - the LMS7002 transceiver, since we fortunately had a large batch produced prior to the semiconductor shortage.

In any case, we’ve adjusted all our estimated delivery dates according to our most up-to-date information. If you’ve already placed your order, you can see when it is estimated to ship by logging into your Crowd Supply account. If you are placing a new order, you can see the estimated delivery date before you complete your purchase.

As always, thank you for your support and patience!

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