An open source, low-cost, software-definable front end preselector for SDRs and wideband receivers

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ATEK1001 is a USB-controlled evaluation board for the ATEK MIDAS ATEK950P6, a sub-octave switchable filter bank covering 485–7700 MHz frequency bands. ATEK950P6 6x6 mm QFN-40 ICs will be available for purchase during the campaign alongside the eval board and aluminum enclosure.


ATEK950P6 is a switchable sub-octave band-pass filter bank with bypass that covers 485-7700 MHz frequency bands. This filter bank consists of an SP8T switch followed by 7 fixed-frequency band-pass filters which are followed by another SP8T switch. 8th arms of each SP8T switch are used to send the input/output signals to 2 pins. This allows users to bypass the filter bank off-chip. Alternatively, additional off-chip filter or filter banks can be implemented by using the bypass feature.

Features & Specifications

  • Frequency range: 485-7700 MHz
  • Band-pass filters: 7 fixed-frequency, 1 external bypass, switchable
    • Band 1: 485-810 MHz
    • Band 2: 660-1125 MHz
    • Band 3: 960-1610 MHz
    • Band 4: 1420-2435 MHz
    • Band 5: 2070-3685 MHz
    • Band 6: 3245-5395 MHz
    • Band 7: 4660-7730 MHz
  • External bypass: 2-8000 MHz, for additional off-chip filters or filter banks
  • Input IP₃: 43 dBm
  • Sub-octave filter bank architecture: improves overall input IP₂
  • Insertion loss
    • Filter paths: 6 dB
    • External bypass path: 3 dB
  • Switching speed: 150 ns
  • Input/output resistance matching: to 50 Ω
  • Package: QFN-40, 6x6 mm
  • Operating temperature: -40-85 °C
  • Operating voltage: 3.3 - 5 V
  • Current draw: ~15 mA

PDF datasheet available at

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