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Jul 10, 2024

Project update 4 of 4

Introducing Lime Suite NG

by Andrew Back

The Lime Suite codebase has grown over the years to incorporate many improvements and to provide support for an increasing number of SDR platforms. The software collection has also grown to include numerous examples, utilities — such as for testing boards and programming firmware/gateware — and plug-ins for things like SoapySDR and GNU Octave.

However, after many years development it became clear that Lime Suite would benefit from certain architectural changes, such as improved support for boards with more than one transceiver. Furthermore, these improvements would result in breaking API changes. With this in mind it was decided to implement these via a new project, Lime Suite NG (Next Generation).

Lime Suite NG must be used with LimeSDR XTRX, since the classic version does not support this hardware. Those who were previously using the original Lime Suite repo litepcie-update branch should switch to using NG, which is in fact a continuation of that branch, which has been in development for quite some time and with the initial focus being larger multi-transceiver boards.

Fortunately, there is a wrapper which has been developed to ease transition to NG and provide support for using the legacy LMS API, albeit with limitations, such as only supporting designs with a single RF transceiver — which of course is not an issue with LimeSDR XTRX. In addition to which it is possible to have both classic Lime Suite and Lime Suite NG installed on the same system at the same time, and to link applications against either driver stack or indeed both.

For further details see the longer blog post over on MyriadRF.

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Key Components

Artix™ 7 XC7A50T-2CPG236I · FPGA

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