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An embeddable, high-performance SDR in a Mini PCIe form factor

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LimeSDR XTRX is high-performance software-defined radio (SDR) board in a compact Mini PCIe form factor. With an AMD (formerly Xilinx) Artix-7 XC7A50T-2CPG236I FPGA and a Lime Microsystems LMS7002M RF transceiver at it’s core, LimeSDR XTRX is a perfect platform for developing logic-intensive digital and RF designs.

LimeSDR XTRX is a suitable building block for MIMO configurations from 2Tx2R to 32Tx32R. It can be used in conjunction with digital processors (ASICs, GPPs and GPUs) of varying speed, power dissipation, and cost to fit any air interface, whether narrowband or broadband. The board is designed for the following key feataures:

Open Source

LimeSDR XTRX is based on the Fairwaves XTRX Rev 5, with many many refinements and updates. We will review all the changes in a future update. One of the biggest changes is that we have open sourced the design files and documentation, so you can start exploring LimeSDR XTRX for yourself:

Compatibility & Support

As a full-fledged member of the LimeSDR family, LimeSDR XTRX will be supported by the Lime Suite driver stack and the gr-limesdr plugin for GNU Radio. Hence, any existing LimeSDR-family application should just need to be rebuilt against the latest versions of these libraries to work on LimeSDR XTRX. In addition, the existing Fairwaves gateware and driver will still be available to help with the transition from XTRX to LimeSDR XTRX, but they won’t be actively maintained.

Another outcome of XTRX joining the LimeSDR family is that support will be provided via MyriadRF and its active and moderated community forums.

Block Diagram

Features & Specifications

Board Overview

LimeSDR XTRX overview (top)

LimeSDR XTRX overview (bottom)

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About the Team

Lime Microsystems

Guildford, England  ·  LimeMicro  ·  myriadrf  ·

Working toward the democratization of wireless communication through an open source ideology.

Ebrahim Bushehri


Andrew Back


Zydrunas (Zack) Tamosevicius


Karolis Kiela


Aleksandr Vasjanov

Dovydas Rusinskas

Tomas Servenikas

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